Dan Tyson
Director - Community, Environment & Strategy
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Marathon Resources has a small board of extremely knowledgeable and highly regarded resource industry professionals, who are experienced in bringing major projects to fruition.
 Peter Williams (BEc, FCA)
Chairman (non-executive)

Peter Williams is a chartered accountant with extensive professional and commercial experience. He has broad experience as managing director and chairman of public companies.

Peter was a partner of Deloitte for 17 years and partner in charge of the South Australian practice from 1987 to 1991. He joined the Lloyd Helicopter group as managing director in 1991 and from 1993-1998 was managing director of Enterprise Solutions Asia Pacific Limited.

He conducts a consultancy practice from the Deloitte offices, is involved with several private companies and was chairman of TEC 29 from 1999 to 2002.

His current roles also include Chairman of AquaOysters Limited, and Steriline Racing Pty Ltd.

He previously was a director of venture capital companies Momentum Ventures Limited and Playford Capital Pty Ltd.

Peter is a member of Marathon's Audit Committee.

 Dr John G (Shad) Linley
(PhD, BSc (Hons))
Chief Executive Officer

Dr John Linley was appointed a non-executive director of Marathon on 30 June 2008 and appointed CEO on 10 June 2009. Dr Linley is also a Senior Executive of the Talbot Group and a non-executive director of Kagara Ltd.

His extensive corporate and resources industry expertise includes the post of chief executive at Sun Metals Corporation in Townsville, Queensland, where he led the development of the world's most efficient and environmentally sensitive zinc refinery located on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef.

Dr Linley has also served as vice president of TexasGulf Australia, director of the Centre for Strategic Industrial and Resource Development in Brisbane, and with Fluor Engineers and Constructions, where he was involved in the Olympic Dam project.

He is a geologist by training and gained his PhD from the University of Adelaide.

 Chen Zeng
Non-Executive Director

Chen Zeng was appointed a non-executive director of Marathon on 26 December 2006.

Chen has been the managing director of CITIC Australia since November 2002. The company is the Australian arm of China's giant state-owned CITIC Group, which has assets of over US$100 billion and investments in banking, financial, energy and raw materials businesses.

Chen joined the group in 1989 and transferred to Australia in 1994. He has over 17 years experience managing various business operations, business and asset restructures, and has developed a number of projects for the CITIC and CITIC Australia groups.

He is also an executive director of the Hong Kong-listed CITIC Resources Holdings Ltd. Chen holds a Master's Degree in International Finance from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

China is likely to be the primary market for Australian uranium in coming years and Chen's knowledge and access will be an excellent resource for Marathon.

 Chris Schacht
Non-Executive Director

The Honourable Chris Schacht was appointed a non-executive director of Marathon on 24 January 2008.

One of Australia’s most highly respected political minds with vast international Government experience, Chris served in the Senate of Federal Parliament for 15 years until 2002.

During his time as a Minister from 1993 to 1996, he held the portfolios at various times of Science, Small Business, Customs and Construction. As Minister, he was responsible for the Patents Office, Commonwealth Research Centres, Standards, Space Industry, Shipbuilding and Business Franchising.

Prior to being appointed as Minister, Chris was an active member of many Senate and Party policy committees covering Economics, Industry Development, Science, Communications, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Trade, Human Rights and Transport.

He also worked as a ministerial advisor to the South Australian State Government from 1970 to 1973 and Federal Government from 1973 to 1975 in the portfolio areas of Agriculture, Fisheries, Land Management, Forestry, Defence Supply, Veterans, Telecommunications and Postal.

Chris is also the President of the Australian Volleyball Federation and in October 2006 was elected to the Legal Commission of the FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball) for a four-year term.

 Dr Dan Tyson (PhD, BA (Hons))
Director - Community, Environment & Strategy

Dr Dan Tyson is a medical anthropologist and biogeographer with a PhD awarded by the Australian National University. The PhD research focused on the problem of the causes of child malnutrition in lowlands Papua New Guinea.

He also has a first class honours degree in biogeography from the University of Adelaide. His honours thesis focused on the application of island biogeography theory to the task of re-vegetating degraded pastureland so as to maximise wildlife habitat potential. He was awarded a University Prize for his thesis.

Dan has an extensive background in health services research, but in recent years, he has increasingly worked in the indigenous sector. Much of his work has focused on indigenous health and community development, and negotiating mutually beneficial outcomes for both mining companies and indigenous groups arising from major resource developments. He has extensive experience in consulting with a wide range of community groups on diverse issues.

In his private capacity, Dan has served as Vice-President of the SA Mental Illness Fellowship.